Thursday, August 30, 2007

My sister

As I was up in Zion canyoneering, Patrice (who lives in Portland) was hit by a car while crossing the crosswalk. If that was not enough, the gentleman started to drive off after the incident only to be stopped by witnesses. Since the surgery where the doctor inserted titanium rods into her legs, she is very upbeat. Here is a picture that my mom took while she was visiting my sister the day after the accident:

My sister is car-less, one of the things I really admire about her. I commute to work on a daily basis, but I still have the bio benz as a backup. She walks, bikes, and takes the bus everywhere she goes. Can you imagine a world where more people would take the step to start to ride their bike, walk, or ride a bus?

I imagine such a world would look like this

I did a morning bike ride today, 4 hours of fun out to Cody Hill in Oracle. The idea of a road/mountain bike 50/50 race out there is very tempting.

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