Saturday, December 18, 2010

Como Trail

After a quick breakfast at our friend's house, K and I headed up to Como Trail with said friends. I did a loop past the windmill to the Saguaro Ranch No Trespassing Sign (west of Como windmill), then dropped back down Como for some fun descending while they did a quick hike up to Como Trail. Timing worked out really well as she got to run back down the technical sections while taking a handful of pictures.

The wrist has been cleared by the doctor, timing could not have been better.

Quite the amazing ridgeline when you get up on top. Last time Scott and I rode this uber technical descent, we got a standing ovation from some hikers. Today, a simple "Wow, I can't believe you are riding up this" and "Those are really big tires."

A near perfect descent of Como, the rocky wash is still by downfall.

Nearly all pictures by Kendall

I have been organizing pictures by location for the past few months. Lemmon and Tortolitas are two of the biggest photo albums since I have started. Here is a two month overview of the riding in the Tortolitas. If you have not ridden out here yet, perhaps this will be enough to push you over the edge.


BBC Online Bicycle Store said...

Great test for the wrist. Compliments to Kendall as the photos are astonishing.

- Budget Bicycle Vintage Crew

Unknown said...

In the second picture is where Max and I went a little wrong last week. We dropped to the left of the rock, then climbed back up and took the right split by the fence to drop over to the right of the rock. Nice descent!

Mountain Bike Helmets said...

Great photos! I'm sure you had a blast with your friends. It's amazing that your dog was following you and your friends when you were biking. Kudos to the person who took the wonderful pictures! :)

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