Thursday, December 16, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days that you were on? Where the impossible became the possible?

Prison (up/down), up Molino and on to descend the elusive Milagrosa.

Oh Milagrosa...How many of us can say we have cleared every technical section on this trail? A few locals, I think. But who has cleaned the entire thing in one shot, one ride?! *crickets, crickets* Can anyone say "yes" to this statement?

I know I have a resounding "no" to that question. But, on this day, I actually thought I had a glimmer of hope. A near dabless ride up Molino is where it began. It continued on toward Milagrosa, excited, yet cautious.

Focusing on the prize became ever clearer....Milagrosa. Waterfall. Cleaned. Rock Garden. Cleaned!

Oh my gosh, could it be the first dabless ride on Milagrosa!?

We continued on, stopping to check the now empty bottle of Tequilla...bummer.

At the green gate, I boasted of my endeavors to Max, perhaps even boasting too much. The now forgotten quote was "Hey Max, do you want to follow my line to clean this section. I cleaned it all a few weeks ago."

We set off after the green gate, cleaning the sketchy, uber rocky chute section.

"Well done, Chad." Max commented.

Next thing I know, I look back and Max is gone. Turns out he went over the bars...and I was next. I took the second to last technical move on Milagrosa way too fast. Not realizing there was about a (relatively small) rock, at the bottom of the drop, I hit it with my front tire, Stan's blew and then I went over the bars only land really hard on my palm. First lesson: never underestimate Milagrosa. Second: don't get cocky.

After a visit to the urgent care, turns out I may have a broken scaphoid. They outfitted me with a splint and told me to wait for two weeks.

Ah Milagrosa, one day.......I will conquer you in one, single ride, top to bottom.

Which brings us to today. In a few hours, I will be heading in for more x-rays to see if I will continue to be off the bike. Stay tuned for more.


cookiedough said...

yikes - get well soon, and remember: Confident, Cocky, Lazy, Dead. The progression to avoid.

Rockin' said...

Ouch. Good thing I haven't even made it to confident yet.

Feel better quick...

The Crow said...

I really like all the great photos. I was sorry to hear about your injury. But I guess it comes with the territory. Arizona does have some of the best riding in the U.S. I have never had the chance to ride in your area. But I plan to very soon. Keep Blogging and riding. Thanks a lot.

matthew lee said...

that ledge-up move from out of the wash (towards the bottom of milagrosa) seems like the real 'milagro' to a clean run. also, i didn't read mention of the tequila tree. isn't stylish negotiation of that part'n parcel to a true clean run?

matthew lee said...

ohp! perused the post with mor eye to the pix than text. i see now, the bottle was empty. therein lay your problem.


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