Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kaibab Plateau, Day 3

It was an easy choice not to drop down off the plateau only to have to ride back up. For us, that meant shaving off about 50 miles of the proposed 200 miles. That was a-okay for me since I came up here to enjoy the cool weather [dropping down meant 90-degree weather]

More Arizona Trail goodness to (nearly) all the way to the car awaited us.

Dog Lake

The closure sign was nowhere to be found, so we continued on toward the burnt area.

Flower goodness...one can only hope the burnt area will recover to something as spectacular as these two pictures.

The perfect bikepacking trip to end the summer. It's easy to feel alive when you are on the bike in such a beautiful area.

Interested in riding the route?
3 days, ~150 miles, 3 different views into the Grand Canyon (Rainbow Rim, North Rim, East Mesa)

There are many variations to this ride. I would not recommend dropping off the rim in the summer time. However, that said, if it is fall and you want more miles, you can drop off the east rim and head to the end of the AZ Trail as a variation.

Here is our GPX from the ride. 


Ydna Semaj Retus said...

Mad props with the socks!

ScottM said...

Nice. Got GPX?

Chad said...

I'll send the GPX on over...

GrizzLeague said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GrizzLeague said...

Chad, I have been dreaming of this trip all winter. Could you suggest a safe place to park a vehicle that would serve as the start/finish for the loop? Looks like you used the AZ TH at Hwy 89A and FR 205. Is it a safe spot? Also I am thinking about hitting this in late May, wondering if I am going to hit a bunch of downtrees and snow. Thanks! -Kevin


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