Friday, August 06, 2010

Kaibab Plateau, Day 2

We woke up to this view....

Before reaching Sublime Point Rd, we came across a water tanker (it reminded me of the time Scott and I found water on the Florence-Kelvin Highway, I just walked up and pulled the right lever).

It's easy to see why I have been visiting the Kaibab for the past 5 years.

We detoured from the Arizona Trial to make a quick stop at the North Rim for some pizza and beer. Well worth the extra miles.

We also took a quick detour to climb up an historical lookout tower

That is the fire near Fire Point (no pun intended)

Well worth the struggle. Check out James' blog for some more pictures of the East Rim.

We spent the night near the East Rim, taking advantage of the views and solitude. More on Day 3 tomorrow.


ScottM said...

Dang, I gotta get me some Kaibab. Can't believe I haven't been bikepacking up there, save flashing through there on the AZT.

You got some nice pics. Good work spreading the bikepack love. Maybe a post when you've got day 3 up?

Unknown said...

like your blog very much and interesting trail.
suggest to have the beautiful photos shrink to lighter version and leave the original size as thumbnail for download :-)


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