Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Montrose Canyon

Riding up Lower Alamo was everything a technical ride calls for, plenty of rocks on some steep singletrack. The only thing missing...

....a few riders.

As it turned out, I would be riding my ride solo today. As I was riding up Lower Alamo, I realized that we had always ridden by a trail that ventured north. You would only see the trail if you were walking down (cha, which of course we do not do....ever) or if you were riding up.

The trail is even more technical than most of Lower Alamo. The trail eventually led to the Promise Land of Wildflowers.

Not a soul in site the entire ride today. Bird chirping, water running while I was snapping pictures.

After the past few weeks of riding amongst wildflowers, I can honestly say this is the place to see 'em. I have never seen this many so close to the trails.

So I did what any solo rider would do, take some pictures

and more pictures.

Scott's old bike (if you remember, my orange Leviathan broke on the Gila Ramble and this blue stallion is on loan from Scott) did not know what to do in some sections. Too many flowers and rocks. It slowly warmed up to the new trail.

Despite the recent neglect from its original owner, it is still riding as good as it ever did. Reminds of the classic Old School quote..."you're my boy blue!"

I even found one sweet B-line that is on the trail. Next weeks ride is going to do the same loop. Methinks I may even head back out on Thursday for a quick ride to see more wildflowers.

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mgindle said...

Good to see a bike on Alamo. Visited there for the first time on Sunday for a hike. Hung around in the falls and laid around in the bathtub for a great afternoon. Saw almost nobody.


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