Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tortolita Loops

Lately, I have been obsessed with the Tortolitas. It's the last semi-wild mountain range that surrounds Tucson. The GPX network of dirt roads, double track, cow singletrack, and trail now is at ~170 miles. While it is not all fun rideabe singletrack, it underscores my belief that the Tortolitas will be the next great trail network in Tucson.

Each time I ride out there, I come back home and look over aerial maps on Topofusion. For the average mountain biker, this may seem silly. On the contrary, it really gets me fired up and it allows me to get out in nature...a kind of solitude, if you will, while still maintaining a close distance to Tucson.

Here is a classic example of said aerial map:

Look closely. Do you see the next "trail" that could lead east to Honeybee Canyon?

This "trail" is off Como Trail, which was part of the Tortolita Tour that we did yesterday. After giving up on the SS a few months ago, I found a new passion for exploring and climbing techy, rocky stuff. The Tortolitas offer all of this pretty close to home; I can see most of the Tortolitas from my house and work.

The challenging part about the Tortolitas is connecting known trail sections together for viable loops.I see 3 different options that veer off of Como Trail, shown here in red (most probable), purple, and blue.

The only thing to do now is trace it out on Topofusion and go ride it. Do you want to go?


ScottM said...


Did you follow it around... where does it go, back to the previous junction?

Chad said...

It drops down near the golf course. I'd like to see if it follows the read line father out east to Pocket.


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