Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The Rubio's seemed to be having trouble when we first arrived to meet today. The power in the immediate 4 blocks surrounding Rubio's was completely out, a bad omen for the ride ahead...failure.

Scott seemed to have come prepared by bringing the "big bike." Others of us were not so lucky, failure mechanically.

This is the easy part of the descent.

Duncan, Dave and Scott in the relentless push to the top.

Duncan had some issues with the bike allowing Scott and I to look for some B lines...

Calling redo is always a sign of perseverance never a sign of failure. 4 people and about 15 attempts later, it was still left to continue. Left for another day, perhaps someone else.

Another mishap left a few of us waiting...in good company though. Check out that background.

The final, technical descent down Alamo Canyon is probably the hardest of the entire area. Shouts typically ring out as people are cleaning moves, narrowly scraping their derailleur on some rock, almost crashing.

Only one question remains...next week,when we go up Alamo Canyon, who will clean what and how long will it take to ride that steep, rocky 1.5 miles?

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