Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ram and Alamo Canyon

Duncan, Marie and I met at Rubio's for a quick 2-hour tech fest up Steam Pump Trail. Brillant scenery, even on the optional longer, steeper double track was chosen instead of the easier, flatter singletrack.

Steep and rocky on the climbs help with the ride description..."techy".

Cactus vs rock...who will win?

Looking over to 50 Year Trail from Alamo Canyon. Charleau Gap is the U shaped ridge line on the right.

Sums up the ride...

March is the month of wildflowers for AZ...

First attempt....near miss.

Try, try again....success!

My second wild poppy of the season...this place was crawling with them.

This is near rock that stole my derailleur and hanger on Tuesday's ride. Complete new chain, derailleur, cassette, and a present from Scott...a new titanium 21-tooth chain ring.

Nearly all singletrack.... there are plenty of out-n-back options, more importantly, there is more exploration needed. I'd compare Alamo Canyon Trail to the Upper 50 with a dash of Milagrosa. Steam Pump/Ram Canyon mirrors the 50 year trail.

Any takers on the next Tuesday Techy Taco Ride to see some new trail, perhaps even discover some new "trail"?

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