Friday, February 06, 2009


Check back in March for more bike-related posts. A month away from broadcasting all my rides and races is in order.

Solitude being the goal. Write less, read and ride more.

Edit: Check out Scott's blog for some epic rides or venture here to create your own ride.


ScottM said...


Lynda Wallenfels said...

Solitude at Old Pueblo! uh-huh loft goal no?

Chad said...

I need some time away from blogging, that is not to say that I will stop riding during Feb. Scott and I have a big ride this weekend planned. I have the tendency to blog about all my big rides, it seems like I am riding for the reader rather than myself. I just want to ride and not worry about posting any pictures or stories.

A hiatus from blog readers/posts is the main objective.

Wrenchette said...

I hear ya there. I've done that in the past too. Sometimes you just need a break from the blog. You will still get a ton of "What the heck happened to you and why aren't you blogging?!? Did you sell your bikes? Do you hate me?" questions.

See ya at the 24!


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