Monday, February 16, 2009

AZSF Official T‧Shirt

Money due by March 2nd. $7 gets you this sweet shirt.

Via paypal: simply send me $7 x the number of shirts you want, along with sizes (men or women cuts available) to azepicriderandrunner at gmail dotie com by March 2nd. Anyone not going to the MTBR Arizona Spring Fling 2009 this year, I will hold onto it until I see you.

More info here on payment options here.


chollaball said...

done. gimme a M plz! now I am at least committed to the party!

Cat Greene said...

Okay chad, why did you pick brown? it's a "hard to see" color!

hahahahahaha that guy at the swap cracked me up. I still like your response. "because it's my shirt and i can pick any color that i want."

anyways, will take two smalls. and when in the hell am i going to see you again?


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