Saturday, May 05, 2007

Elephant Head 1st Annual Mt Bike Race

My mom and I drove out to Green Valley this morning to do the 16-mile Elephant Head (part of the AZT 300 that I did 3 weeks ago).
Here is a guide of the drops and climbs: GPS Guide

I started out in the top 5, but I had to pull over when I had some disc brake problems. I dropped a few places after I continued near the Agua Caliente wash. The next section was super rocky, and with my 40 PSI tires, hard-tail bike, it made for a rough ride. I was bouncing, jumping and rolling over all the rocks. It reminded me of my days in Mexico with my biking friends. They used to call me Bronco since I was always bouncing and bucking on my old bike.

Anyways, I pressed on to the flatter section only to find my legs and arms were very tired. I came across the finish line in 8th with just a few scratches. Thanks Mom again for the support and the pictures!

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