Saturday, March 27, 2010

230 miles and growing...

The Cave Creek-Bradshaw Bikepack for next week is still growing with more singletrack. It has 18,000 feet of climbing with ~230 miles and is connecting the following:
Seven Springs
Spur Trail
Maricopa Trail
New River
Black Canyon Trail
Bradshaw Trail
Lane Mountain Trail

A sweet loop in the Bradshaws might come out of this, one that would allow you to do all of Black Canyon Trail (BCT), head up to Crown King on "singletrack" (used loosely here) and go down the south side of the Bradshaws on a combo of single/double track, loop back around north of Lake Pleasant to your car.

Scott and I are leaving to go ride up (north to south) Ripsey today on a 2-day bikepacking trip.

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