Thursday, March 25, 2010

More riding, warmer weather

Despite some rain clouds last Tuesday, Duncan and I met at Rubio's for the Tuesday ride. Having skipped the commute to work in the morning due to rain, I was a little under dressed for the ride. I was optimistic that the rain would begin to stop when we hit the trail.

Optimisim paid off, well, sort of. There was a slight drizzle throughout the ride. I am amazed at those dedicated riders that will continue to ride with me despite my stupid antics, riding in rain being one of them.

The rain only added to the difficulty of Lower Ram Canyon.

For those that have not ridden this newly found trail, it is like riding up Molino Basin with some random dashes of Green Mountain-type difficulty. It will test you and you will dab.

Lillies closed up....cold, wet technical riding. Most people would have just stayed home today.

This was our first descent of this trail. Brillant, simply brillant. I was nailing everything for quite some time, no rock garden or tricky move could stay in my way.

Although that did not last the entire ride.

Duncan was having a great day also.

We headed up to try to find another route from Ramstein (the downhill descent from Pusch Ridge Dr).

No such luck. After riding around a bit on the dirt road, we came back the same way. The camera stayed in the pocket the entire time (until the very end, see picture below); a true sign of a great descent.

So close to home, so many rocks.....I wish everyday was Tuesday.

I managed to make another ride in the same area today (Thursday). Dave, Aaron, Duncan and I did the Ram Canyon to Alamo Canyon Loop, with the new Skipping Bypass to add more singletrack.

Unlike on Tuesday, things were nice and dry. Wildflowers were in full bloom.

During a few moments of sessioning, I was able to take pictures. Things started off horribly for me at the beginning; opting for the photographer role was very fitting.

As the day progressed, things started looking up. I even cleaned some stuff I missed last Tuesday.

Views like this speak for themselves. Even if the trail was mediocre, the views would be enough to keep me coming back for more and more. In fact, I often think I could ride on such trails everyday, all day.

A great week of rocky riding and a near week of bikepacking on the horizon.

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Bruce Penman said...

I really appreciate how you stop to photograph the ride.

You have gotten me excited and motivated to get out of my "box" and ride in more of the great places outside of South Mountain Preserve.

Thank you for a great blog and awesome pictures.


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