Sunday, September 27, 2009

When life gives you Lemmons...

The next morning, we (Evil P/T, Dave M, Los Trujillo, Kendall and Chris) met at Bigelow to ride

We rode 1918 to Butterfly

I know what you are thinking right now... more switchback attack! Will this phrase ever be overused?

to Crystal Springs

popping out at the Control Rd and a quick out-n-back on Oracle Ridge to check out the views and current trail status. I had an idea for another challenge while I was admiring Antelope Peak from Oracle Ridge (see below).

Scott joined us at Summerhaven to ride Aspen

Scott on the big bike

He was the only one to ride this log, after two failed attempts by me....

before finishing at Oktoberfest at the Ski Valley.

Return to camp via Sunset and 1918.

A fine weekend by my standards. Along with some great riding this weekend, I also came up with the next Mt Lemmon challenge ride... It needs a name (any ideas?), but here it is:

Milagrosa-Molino-Prison Camp-Bugs-Green-Incinerator-Butterfly-Crystal-Control Road-Oracle Ridge-Red-Ski Valley Rd-Lap on Meadows-Aspen-Sunset-1918-El Ceecreto-Bigelow-Green-Bugs-Prison-Molino-Milagrosa. [80ish miles, 20k+ of climbing]

1 comment:

ScottM said...

You got some nice shots. I like the leaves on the trail one.

Too bad I missed Butterfly/Crystal. Still a great day on the mountain, though.


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