Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is singletrack always better?

Scott and Co. and I headed to Flagstaff for some scouting for the Coconino 250 and 350 Loop with the motto: singletrack (with little hike-a-bike) is always better. In other words, we have been trying to reduce the amount of forest roads for some rideable, fun singletrack.

We met up with Mr. Troy and headed out on the Flagstaff Urban System to Observatory Mesa

Troy had a flat, which prompted a few shots off the bike

I had heard mixed reviews about the moto track. In my opinion, it has quite the perfect blend of views (here is Kendrick Peak below in the background)

Even a few sections to huck. Here is Troy making the first jump of a small little moto park.

Later came more views and even some sweet fast bob-sled like singletrack. It's a good find for the Coconino Loop, and I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants a new ride in Flagstaff.

Troy sprinted off at Snowbowl Rd while we headed up to ride more ST, Rocky Moto and Schutlz, and then back to Flagstaff. Great ride, especially since new trails have been added to the loop. Check it out here in a few days.

Rather than camping, a friend of Paula's offered us her living room to sleep on thereby ending my 5-weekend streak of camping. Sedona came next.

1 comment:

ScottM said...

Nice. Singletrack is always better, except when it isn't.

Hopefully with the stage format "singletrack is better" will be true for most Coco riders.


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