Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Weekly NW Tucson Rides

Tuesday-Urban Loop or Gasline-Sweetwater around 430pm. Check TucsonMTB for more information. Max and I rode the Foothills Urban Loop and the Finger Rock out-in-back to the wilderness, a very good overall ride.

Thursday-50 year Trail via Catalina State Park, meet at Starbucks at Ina/Oracle at 3:00 before heading north on Oracle to Catalina State Park. Lights suggested if you want to ride for the 2-4 hour ride. Once in the 50-year Trail system we will decide what we are going to ride. I'd like to ride some good technical stuff these days.

1 comment:

ScottM said...

I'm in as long as Max is there to flip off the camera.


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