Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tucson Mountain Park

The route this weekend was a big loop around Tucson Mountain Park. Uhg.... wake up time was 4am.

First Dave, Max and I rode up to Saguaro National Park, looping by the Desert Museum and over to Brown Mountain. Some good shots of Max at the top of Brown Mountain:

Then over to Golden Gate, Yetman, Starr Pass, Resort Loop and exited out Camino de Oeste. Dave went up the road on Gates Pass to make his 9am appointment and Max and I continue on over Golden Gate.

There is a great connector (more new singletrack/doubletrack) that connects the Sweetwater trails to the Camino de Oeste Road. Additonally, I got some beta that there is even more singletrack that is outside the park, just east of the singletrack that is oustide the park (near the horse corrals, east end, near the green gate). I am hoping to try to connect both of them together to limit the amount of road between Starr Pass and Sweetwater.

I met the Cinco de Mayo TucsonMTB crew (seemed like about 40 people out there, huge group) for about 1.5 hours before going back to Brian's house for the BBQ. I had some lame picture moments during the group ride and the only visble picture was this one of Sarah.

Good times. Here is a quick view of the loop that we did (although we did not do Prospector, which is shown below).

About 5+ hours of riding, some 60 miles.... a great day on the bike.

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Joe said...

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