Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New commuting route

I found a great new way to get to work that involves 7 miles of double track/single track! My new commuting bike is the Leviathan instead of the road bike. Here is a quick run down of the route.

The route consists of connecting some portions of the CDO Bike Path and the OMNI Bike Path, along with the Horse Track Single Track near El Conquistador shown below (I found this a few months ago). When Scott and Eric and I rode this last week, we rode the wash down, which was awesome. This can only be done on the route home. See picture below for this route.

Otherwise I ride up a connecting wash that drops me off at the stoplight to El Conquistador.

Here is a good shot of the CDO wash connector. You can also ride the road a little bit to connect the wash when the sand is not as hard packed as it is now.

Next bike purchase is definitely going to be a Pugsley. Imagine the endless opportunities on the sand that I would have.


Neon Refinery said...

How does your new route compare in timing?

Chad said...

It takes about 5-10 minutes longer, but it is worth the fun. The ride home is a little bit different since I can go down the wash next to El Conquistador (very hard to go up).


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