Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gasline Road and Sunset

Steve and I headed out for some exploration in my back yard. The result was about 1 mile of single track to link the gasline road to Sweetwater trail head.

Here is a good view of the sunset singletrack that connects the Santa Cruz/Rillito Bike Path to the gasline road.

Eventually the gas line trail connects to Sweetwater and upper Camino de Oeste and then the entrance to Sweetwater trail system.

Today's ride: 24 miles with 2200 feet of climbing, there were about 4 big climbs on the gasline road. This little loop screams night ride! Steve, I am glad you got to come down and ride. Hope to see you soon!

This route would also be used for a great epic ride that Rob and Tim have been discussing. Rob made me realize that we could do an out-n-back from my house to Brown Mountain using the said loop, along with Rob and Tim's suggestions.

The route: My house-urban-Rillito Bike Path-Santa Cruz-Sunset-Sunset Singletrack-Gasline-Sweetwater-Gasline-Greaswood Park-Middle School-Starr Pass-Robles-Golden Gate-Brown up and Over-Back to Tank and go to the Brick House and repeat down gasline.

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Anonymous said...

a night ride...been thinking the same thought


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