Saturday, October 27, 2007

Round the Rincon Ride (r3)

Jeff and I are doing some scouting tomorrow to find a way to connect the Redington Route to the Cienga Corridor. Hoping to do about 80 miles, round-trip tomorrow.

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Greg said...

Uh, I just tried to leave a beautifully written comment and I think it some how disappeared. I'll try again. Yea, for years I have been wanting to circumnavigate the Rincons, but time, laziness and no tresspassing signs have thwarted me. Also, a lack of people to ride with. Most of my friends won't do these kinds of rides anymore. They think other things like doing their kitchen is more important! Some have told me that their wife won't let them ride with me anymore.

I am not sure I am ready for a 10 hour ride but I am working up to it. My favorite area is the north and east side of the rincons. One time, 10 years ago, I was camping in Happy Valley and there is a road from there that seems to go N or NE, but it said no trespassing. A guy hunting said that we could ignore that sign and we did go down it about 3 miles before we got nervous and turned around when we saw a ranch house down the road. The caution signs for poison bait traps also made us feel weird. I always wondered if we could continued if it would have run into the trails I take on the north east side.

Is there a way I can find out about your rides?


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