Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rock y Road 50/50 Race Results

The race went well. I finished in 2nd place, behind the legendary Max Morris. Click here to see all of the results. I was a little to wrapped-up in the race to take more pictures, so I only took a few nature shots. I rode with Jeff for most of the mtn bike section, until he stopped near Bellota Ranch. I continued on down La Milagrosa (the most technical section of the course). Due to hotter than expected temperatures and no aid stations, most racers had problems on Mt Lemon. I had to lay down in a few sections and ran out of water below Windy Point. Great trail and race concept, should be a new tradition here in Tucson. Hope to have around 15-30 cyclists next year willing to take the plunge.

The next race is being planned for the series, Kentucky Camp Epic on December 8th.

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