Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rincons Recon

Jeff and I went on the south side of the Rincon Mountains to find a way to ride around them. I have already went around the Catalinas (as a prep ride for the AZT 300 last year). When Jeff mentioned the idea, I decided to help him out with the 100+ mile ride that we hope to complete soon, very soon. We pretty much got most of the route figured out, except for a little 6-mile section between Mescal and Marsh Springs. The major problem that we are having is riding across areas that look perfect from the aerial map but are in fact private property. At one private property sign, we encountered a rancher in a truck.

Rancher: What are you boys doin' back here?
Jeff: Hello, we are a little lost.
Rancher: No shit you are lost.

The conversation just went downhill from there. We headed back to the car and drove down to Mescal to see if we could back track. Again, private property stopped us from our proposed route.

Jeff and I continued down the road toward Turkey Creek and Miller Canyon (FR 35). Our goal of reaching Cascabel Road finally seemed to materialize. Now that I am back pouring over aerial photos, it seems we may just have to opt for some track that is next to the rails for 5-10 miles.

Some shots from the recon:

A few hike-a-bikes

Trees are very colorful

Post-ride beer courtesy of coconino bikes


Dave said...

Jeff has a nice bike!

Nice chops, by the way.

Anonymous said...

The best part about Buford T. Rancher was his initial comment, as if he were reading directly from the good ol' boy redneck script, "What are you boys doin' back here?" He was obviously not happy to have a couple of fancy boys like us messin round his propity.


Chad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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