Sunday, June 06, 2010

Colorado Plateau

The Colorado Plateau is arguably one of the best places on Earth. After graduation on Friday, Kendall and I drove (she slept, I drove) to the Kaibab. The timing could not have been better.

We walked out to the East Rim Mesa during the sunrise

and began to enjoy the sunset from the Arizona Trail.

We headed to camp for about an hour of sleep (having drive all night) and headed down

below the rim.

It really made me think hard about a Rim2Rim2Rim. Tentative date is set for Labor Day. Anyone want in?

As in every Kaibab tradition, we headed to the lodge for views and beer. Thereafter, we drove down to Page to get kayaks and head down to Marble Canyon.

History in the rocks abound in this canyon

left.....right.......left.......right. It takes a little practice on a tandem.

A semi-late start into Marble Canyon meant a nice sunset from the kayak.

The next morning we drove to Lake Powell to kayak some more, this time with the dogs.

then hiked the short jaunt to see Marble Canyon from a different perspective.

Horseshoe Bend

In case you have not heard the flash flood story, remind me to tell it to you later. Lastly, we went canyoneering at Waterholes Canyon. The southern portion is closed to hikers per the Navajo Nation, while the northern section is open to hikers. A great option for those not wanting to pay the $32/person to see the often over-crowded Antelope Canyon.

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Anonymous said...

your 6th pic from the top brings back what is perhaps, my best memory of all time: this is the view I remember from rim2rim2rim's of my past......this is the view I associate with my the return to the south, bathed in darkness, yet illuminated by the light of the moon and the stars. Having escaped the strong and cold winds of October off of the northern plateau; first light shows itself in the form of a silhouette from the alluvial apron descending from the cliffs on the right, buttressing the shadows of the stark escarpment in the central view, which hover over the dark chasm below, which seasoned travelers know to be Roaring Springs and the ice-cold lemonade stand at the pump house offered by's the infinite kind of description and stark memory that marks one for life.


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