Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's all about the jersey...

After Vapor Trail, Scott and I had a chance to go ride some trails in Santa Fe while returning to Arizona. The southwest needs more trails like this, close to town and perfect for a quick after work ride.

Remember this old jersey? Before I even knew Scott, I used to read his posts about his trips when I started riding. Truly remarkable adventures. This jersey was always apart of those posts. Nostalgic.

Thanks for the inspiration, Scott.

I have three of them,” Scott added upon asking how he always managed to wear it on numerous days.

The man that brought you Topofusion, now brings you the latest, best phrase to say on the trail... Switchback attack!

Even some hints of Arizona in places.

Pretty, eh?

Days are getting shorter, which means more riding. More adventures to come.


ScottM said...

Nice. I guess I've had some good rides with the old UA jersey. This one included. Thanks for the good trip.

Matt said...

Oh man you just scratched the surface of Dale Ball trails. Damn good stuff there! Next time head over to St. Johns College and head up Atalaya then down over to Dale Ball South. Epic stuff.

Good to see you again. Hope you come back for next years VT125.


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