Monday, September 07, 2009

Becoming better...

Rain was in the forecast this weekend, so we headed up to Sedona instead of directly going to Flagstaff (lower is better when it rains, right?).

Bikes and Bike & Bean were on the itinerary. A special shout out to the Bike & Bean for their amazing coffee and great service

Jim, the owner of Bike & Bean, mentioned some a gathering at the end of October in Sedona. More info about this event later, but it sounds like a sweet gathering.

We headed to Oak Creek before driving to Flagstaff. Storm clouds promptly gathered as we finished setting up camp

thus causing a forced moment of relaxation.

When the rain subsided, the trails were tacky and perfect.

with plenty of log rolling

The trail name says it all, Jedi. In fact, this enduro nut and I rode this ride together for the first time. It is mind-boggling to think how much things have changed since then.

Things you thought were hard to clean are now easy. We are slowly becoming better.

I saw Andy S on the trail...Felicidades on your upcoming wedding. Along with Andy, I saw a few other friends, including Troy. It turns out I was checking out his Subaru as he was checking out my bike.

As the storm clouds on the horizon, we made a decided to abort, abort, abort. We opted for Schnebly Hill since it was on the route home.

Two weeks ago, Kendall put clipless pedals on her bike. She is becoming better at mastering clipping out at both sides, although there still were a few falls on the ever-rocky Hot Loop Trail.

More alligator junipers like last week on Mingus

Century Plant from the top of Schneby Hill Vista.


Ydna Semaj Retus said...

you're badass.

chollaball said...

happy labor day chad :)!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... I can feel the relaxation from here.

Dave said...

June 2007.



Dan said...

Hi Chad

Great Blog and even better pictures! I was wondering if you could tell me what camera you use- I am desperate to get some decent quality riding photos on my blog about riding in Cape Town

Rockin' said...

Great pics.

Go Kendall. Once you go clipless you can't go back.

Chad said...

2 years later and still riding...Dave, you have any plans to venture south during that cold winter?

Cyrus Jackson said...

Nice, some seriously inspiring photos there :)


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