Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tour of the White Mountains

Jeff and I drove up to race the 66-miler. Here is a nice 3-D profile of our race:

Here are the results

Despite having 3 flat tires and getting lost several times, I managed to come in behind Jeff in 24th place. Almost everyone got lost at least once during the course of the race, especially cyclists doing the 66 mile course. There were sections of the course were I thought I was lost since there were such few markers, but as I continued, I would realize that I was on course.

The course had some sweet singletrack, especially dropping down off of Los Burros. Jeff and I camped at Thunderhorse Ranch during the two days, socializing, sitting around the campfire at night... basically enjoying the great atmosphere created by the race. It was a great race, just needed a few more markers on the course to specify hard to find turns.

Nice topo map of the course:

I am working on my bikes this week for the big Tour de Fat and Off Road Triathlon this Saturday, along with the Rock y Road 50/50 next weekend.

Post-race picture


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