Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mult-stage mountain bike race in AZ?

I had some good conversation with Jeff this weekend. He made a suggestion about doing a round the Rincons mountain bike loop soon. I hope to do it with him sometime in November. Also, I am still pondering the idea of having a multi-stage mountain bike race in Arizona sometime next year. Rather than having solo, self-supported rides like the CTR or the GDR, cyclists would ride to a known location, like campground or hotel for the night.

There is a similar one in Canada called the BC Bike Race. This race costs a little under $2,000! Hoping to do a race in less than $50/day, including lodging, food, and beer. Of course it would be self-supportive, but would be more social than some of the popular, endurance races like the GDR, CTR and AZT 300.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

1 comment:

velogucela said...

I like it, Chad! Hmmmm...me shall thinks on it more.


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