Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 4: McGrath State Park-Santa Barbara

Day 4: McGrath State Park-Santa Barbara
Total Mileage: 48 miles

While we were sleeping, dew and condensation soaked the outside of the tent. When I woke up at 5:30 am ready to cook breakfast, the water, cold weather, and ache of my legs told me to go back to bed... So I listened. About an hour later, we got up and started to cook oatmeal and tea. The night before, we had showered for $.75, pretty sweat deal. We loaded up the Bob, and headed to Ventura as the sun was still coming up. Kacy on the Ventura bike path

The bike path in Ventura skirts the beach. People were running, biking, walking their dogs, or drinking a coffee.... I would love to be able to do that every morning. Mmmmmmm.... coffe; it was definitely on my mind. I decided the next time we saw a place to get some coffee, we would stop and rest. Miles and miles later, there was never a small cafe. Taking a break before reaching Carpenteria

We rolled into Carpenteria at 10:00. We found a little coffee joint that had smoothies. Kacy treated me to an expresso and a "health freak" (a fruit-veg-yogurt smoothie).

We passed another state park, Carpenteria, where we decided we would stay the night after we bought our Amtrack tickets. Santa Barbara was the perfect final destination. We arrived in the afternoon, about 3.5 days after leaving San Diego. The epic ride was concluded at the brewery Santa Monica Brewery mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Biking and beer.... two reasons why I do this. Here is my trophy that I won....300 miles later

We ate subs and pizza, had a beer, and another beer while waiting for the Amtrak to get back to Carpenteria. We decided to take the 9-minute train ride back to Carpenteria so we could have time to enjoy our beer. The next morning, we got on the Amtrak back to San Diego. Here is a nice picture of Kacy and I on the train.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post on mtbr, sounds like a great trip i am jealous!
Jason (chollaball)

YuriB said...

sweet trip


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