Monday, April 17, 2017

Apache 250

I took an old route that a few years ago as a race and updated it to include some new singletrack that I found on the east side of Greer, AZ. Here is the new, 250-mile route:

The following singletrack is a possible (assuming it is worth it while we scout the route)addition to the east side of the track :
  • Williams Valley
  • George's Trail
  • Luna Lake (less than 1 mile of ST)
  • Overland Trail to Water Canyon Trail
  • Murray Basin Trails
  • Escudilla Trail (to wilderness and back)
  • Terry Flat Loop (doubletrack)
I see this route being done in summer months, but more appropriately would be in late September as fall colors start to change on Escudilla and surrounding areas. 

A few notes on the route, assuming you are going counterclockwise:

  1. After leaving Escudilla/Terry Flat, there are some jeep roads that would allow you to bypass the highway. Given the amount of down trees in that area from the Wallow Fire, I think it might be best to just head to the highway for the first scouting trip. The other option could be to drop off Terry Flat to the east side of Escudilla, called Stone Creek Rd, a dirt road option.
  2. I'd love to make this more miles if some of the Black River Singletrack (see PDF file below) is legit. The Black River Mainstream (looks crummy via aerial shots) alone is 19 miles. I stayed higher north to get to Alpine and Escudilla. That could be another scouting trip. 

The following sites helped me find the above trails:

Forest Service Trail PDF 1 
Forest Service Trail PDF 2

Every GPX near Pinteop is here with maps from each here.

HikeAZ map feature and of course the old Apache Enduro Race that 3 of us did (I think). Ha, that was about 10 years ago.

Now we just need a date this summer to go ride it!


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