Thursday, August 16, 2012

Star Pass TT

Changed it up this Tuesday and headed to Starr Pass for some Techy riding with Mi Ranchito to follow.

Vernie, Patrick, Jonathan and I headed up Wagon Wheel as a storm came in from the south.

Not changing out my tire from last week's TTT was a bad idea, very bad. More flat issues. I figured I could use it for a few more rides before it finally died. Time to move on and boot it for another ride.

Session...that is the name of the game. How many times can you fail before you finally get it done?

Great riding on some sweet trails with some fun friends....I love it!

See you next week back at Rubio's, 5pm. Bring some lights and an appetite.

1 comment:

Bigworm said...

Good job!


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