Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Never thought I would be riding the 'Moth on XC trails in a manner that might be considered "training," but I have to admit, I am trying to get faster. Although, I have only done a pure "training ride" once in the past 2 weeks, I have to come clean and say that I plan to do more (if to only motivate me more by declaring publically). Partly inspired by Scott and partly inspired by my inability to eat my 8,000 calories/day, I am hoping to get at least one "training ride" a week.

Also, I have added a few more races to my schedule to help in the training:

Sedona Big Friggin Loop March 10
Prescott Monstercross April 21
Coconino 250 Stage Race Oct 5
Black Canyon Trail November 3
Kentucky Camp November 17
McDowell 60 Dec 15


Chris said...

I'm in Sedona and looking into the AZ trail. I usually do overnighters (like on the BCT), but I'm not sure how to manage my food/cooking for a multi-day event.

Any chance we can meet up? Or could you email me some tips?


ScottM said...

Mmm... training.

I'm working on getting you a HR capable GPS. Hopefully soon.

This week's training ride is MBAA Estrella. You in???


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