Friday, February 24, 2012

Tortolita Popsicle

This past Saturday, I hosted another ride in the Tortolitas from my house. It's a popsicle from house. 50, Honeybee, Maus, Como, Cougar and then return the same way.

Great ride and good post-ride chatting at the house. Look for this one to be a weekly or bi-weekly event for me, anywhere from a quick 2-hour to a longer 5-hour ride.


Pearly's Possum Socks said...

Looks like you've been on some great rides! How can we get in touch with you?

JenyJo said...




benji said...

gotta check out that trail to the left in the 5th picture. benjes and i went down a little of it by mistake when doing the de 50 pre-ride, the first 100 yards or so was techy goodness.



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