Saturday, October 09, 2010

Agua Caliente

The Agua Caliente Hill is a beast. At a mere 4.5 miles, you scale a little less than 3,000 feet. Its path is littered with rocks and overgrowth. It is a nightmare for any mountain biker. For those that know Tucson, it's pretty safe to say that it would be easier to go up Milagrosa and Molino than to climb up Agua Caliente.

Those kind odds make it ideal for a person that is looking for solitude and very hard saddle time.

Granny gear..... check
120 ounces of water....check
Two chicken legs when you reach the top....check

Beware though, if you are not ready for this ride, you could end up walking a lot.

The first mile of the trail is everything you ever wanted in a trail. Technical water bar riding at a decent grade, even a few switchbacks that to keep you on your feet.

But then, woooooaaaahhhhh. The trail takes a turn (for the worst?) It seemed to get really hotter right about here.

Once again, the solitude. The kind of silence one dreams of. You could be down there in the city, but why would you? The pattern to ride this trail is simple. Do what you can, rest....then repeat. Talking to yourself even helps..."I can do this." Then draw a line mentally in your head. Then attack it!

Victory! I savored every bite of the chicken and the view.

Just a little section of the 360 view at the top.


JenyJo said...

two thumbs up ...

and jumping around like mad!!

yea! love this!

more more more.


Anonymous said...

It seems you are enjoying the "cool-off" here lately....

Chad said...

Mountain biking season is officially here... (as is tornado season).

ScottM said...

Nah, climbing Milagrosa is harder, IMO.

We'll hit AC sometime with fresh legs and knock it out. Glad you finally got out there. 'bout time!


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