Monday, November 02, 2009

La Milagrosa

Something you do not see very often, more mountain bikers riding up Lemmon than road cyclists on any given day. The explanaion we got: "As El Tour nears, road cyclists start to ride more flatter, longer miles." Hmmmmmm, interesting. Either way, we saw very few roadies as we headed up to Bug Springs.

I had heard of some work done on Bug Springs Trail; those reports were correct, although few if any things have really changed when you go up it (that I can remember).

We had two riders that had never ridden Bugs, Ty and Dominic. Both had some very impressive climbing skills.

It's easy to see why this is one of the best trails in Tucson. Great views of the Rincons and some very well-made singletrack.

Riding with Mr. 20x36 has me dreaming of switching back to gears. He makes it look so easy to clean everything. On the singlespeed, it is near impossible to clean any major technical ascent on Molino.

Some flats caused some moments to pause and take even more pictures of Milagrosa.

La Milagrosa...easlily the best technical trail in Arizona. I am lucky enough to have it here in Tucson.


Matt said...

Good looking set of trails there...and nice to see others still riding without jackets!

Paul said...

Chad: Thanks for the great site. I am looking to buy a SS (tired of dual susp/geared upkeep and want simplicity). Don't really want to build so do you have any recommendation on a built SS in the $800 or below range. Also, would you recommend going fully rigid given I typically will be riding Phoenix trails (SM, Phoenix preserve, Hawes)? THnaks for any advice.

Chad said...

Haro Mary runs ~$900. I managed to get 4th place in the 24 HOP SS Category last year on one. I loved it.


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