Thursday, July 30, 2009

Purisima Creek

Touted as one of the best locations to mountain bike in the Bay Area, we saved Purisima Creek ride for last. Redwoods, wildflowers, and greenery are plentiful, in their respective order:

Gar summed up the route: "Blast down some great singletrack, then climb back up." Few rides are such that you can do the climbing at the end. The climb up to complete the loop is mostly on some double track, pretty nonetheless.

This is a ride best down in the early morning since hikers start to descend near late morning. We beat most of the rush as we descended.

Great trail, one of my new favorites of the few I have ridden in northern California. I could get used to riding underneath a canopy of trees instead of the saguaros and cactus of Arizona.


chollaball said...

awesome pics, thanks!

Chad said...

Glad you like the pictures, J. Hope to see you soon.


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