Tuesday, July 07, 2009


One more spin before we head out.This time the trail of choice was Panorama. Appropriately named, no?

Wildflowers were plentiful

The trail, well, it was just ok :)

Can you tell I am a desert dweller? Pine trees and snow...my favorite type of riding have a mix of both.

Check out the picture below. Dave C, now we can be twins! Thanks again BB.

Photo credit to Kendall

Where's waldo?

Photo credit to Kendall

Mammoth Lakes summary: While I would not make a special run to Mammoth Lakes for the biking, if you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend doing one of the loops I mentioned (see Mammoth Lakes Loop and Lower/Upper Rock Creek Loop).

Doing a ride from town on 30+ miles of singletrack is pretty amazing (like yesterdays ride), and today we did a shorter 14-mile loop from town. This could be another option for those looking for a smaller ride.

Doing laundry before heading out for more riding at Noble Canyon/Cuyamaca State Park.


Unknown said...

Great post, great ride and great company. Thanks for pushing me this weekend! It was super fun. And thanks to Brian for keeping my boyfriend stylish when he rides. Chad makes mountain biking HOT!

Dave said...

That place is awesome.


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