Friday, November 07, 2008

Pusch and Chorizo

Every Thursday morning, I make chorizo burritos to sale for $1 to the student. This week the chorizo still came (although the students are away on break). The original plan was just to freeze it until next week. David (the other Spanish teacher) decided that we should cook it up and give it to the teachers this week. They were a big hit.

We had a few left over which meant that I would have some fuel for the ascent of the peak next to the school. The weather was ideal, low 70s. The 5-mile hike up Pusch Ridge (with a little under 1,000 feet of climbing) took about 1.5 hours. Good times. I finished the day off with a 2-hour, 36 mile road ride. Headed to the gym for a final small before I head out for the night.

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