Friday, March 25, 2005

thank you Jesus for finding me a place

I'm up in Huajuapan now, where I've been trying to find a place to live. So soon as I arrived here, I asked Jesus if he could help me in my search, and He delivered big time. Of course I'm talking about Jesus Lopez, the amiable septagenerian owner of the the hospedaje where I was staying temporarily. To say that Jesus is well-connected in Huajuapan would be a vast understatement, for as soon as he knew that I was looking for an apartment, there was a long line of locals ready to show me a place. Unfortunately, most of them were offering just a room within their house, which would be fun for a month or so but in the long-term, I really need my own space. So I did finally find a very small studio apartment with a shared bath, shared entry, and a shared kitchenette. It's a bit cheap (65 USD a month), but though small, it's very nice and very well-located.

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Anonymous said...


it's your favorite virginian sister-in-law. I'm enjoying your Mexico Blog here. Have a thought about the bugs... I deal with patients at the hospital like you. It's okay to check in to the hospital for a little ativan for "those bugs." (just don't start talking to them, then I'll have to get worried about you). just lay off the margaritas for a while and maybe the bugs will go away! :)
Hey, what's up with your astrological sign posting? What would JESUS have to say about that?
Have a super day!


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