Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Boom and Bust Cycle

The ever looming Gila 100 has been some extra motivation for me to put in morroken my Leviathan frame a few weeks ago. With only the bigger bike, I decided to do longer rides at 50-year home for most of the 3-day MLK weekend instead of the normal all-day XC rides.

I got to ride a new-to-me trail, Cargodera Canyon. It connects with Baby Jesus and runs parallel to Sutherland Jeep Rd. It is a beautiful area with plenty of chunk to be had.

The trail gets "interesting" in some places, as done Baby Jesus, right? This is not a trail for everyone. I kept venturing on toward Cherry Tank and Cow Pies. All are in great condition, including Cowboy (shown below).

Later in the week, we had Tuesday Techy Tacos from In-n-Out burger. Krista, Rob, Max, Jeff, Duncan and I showed up hungry for some techy riding.

As usual, we cleaned a few sections and left a few sections for another week.

The ride lasted about as long as the post-ride discussion. In fact, I have found that the post-ride party is often times as good as the ride itself. Speaking of post-rides, check out the Tor de 50 race that is coming up in two week. You ride and then you get to eat some carne asada tacos while drinking some incredible beer.

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