Monday, May 14, 2012

Incinerator ridge II

Mt Bigelow is the go-to place for free camping on Mt Lemmon. For the past four years, I have made it a point to camp and bike up here. Lemmon is what makes Tucson so attractive to cyclists.

The ride up on the paved highway is even a delight. So it is without surprise that when I new trail is done, that we *need* to check it out.

A few weeks ago, Scott, Aaron and I rode up to check out the newest section of the Lemmon Drop...Incinerator Ridge. You can now ride from Bigelow to Green Mountain on nearly all singletrack.

and beautiful singletrack at that.

Big tires for Aaron!

Keeping the big bike theme from the following, Scott and I headed to Starr Pass in search of some chunk. It is starting to heat up in Tucson, meaning that early/late rides are a must.

I heard some gibberish from Scott about Wormwhole Trail was we were headed up Yetman Wash. I jokingly said, "Yeah, let's ride UP wormwhole." I thought it was a joke, but Scott actually suggested it.

And we did go up. It was not that bad actually. Stunning views and steep climbs.

Cat Mountain in the background.

We made our way over to Wagonwheel for some more climbing and tech.

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