Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kona Big Bike Media Launch

After a few weeks without riding with Ty (busy working two near-full time jobs), we finally managed to ride together. Only this time, it was on the clock (good thing for Ty, better make that 2.5 jobs now). John from Southwest Trekking asked us to help him out leading a ride for Kona Bicycles. The plan was to shuttle everyone from Ventana Resorts to the top of Bug Springs and ride down to Reddington Road/AZ Trail.

An hour of time to spare before departure, we headed on Ventana Canyon until the Wilderness Boundary. That is a technical trail, frankly, it is a gem for any riders that live on that side of town. Only problem is we never saw the wilderness boundary.

Make sure to ask Ty about the sweet section he cleaned right (only to go over the bars) after the above picture was taken.

Ahem, ahem...back to work! Right, right. Sorry about that warm-up on Ventana. We drove up and we rode down.

Even had some time to eat...

....and walk the food off. The Kona guys were coming off the 24 HOP, so it was not surprising to see them walk more than just a few of the sections up Molino. 

Descending was another story....a few of these guys were descending the back side of Molino like champions.

After a regroup, we continued on toward the prize of beer and photo shoots (for the journalists and Kona guys). After the regrouping, I took the sweeper which provided ample opportunity to take pictures.

At the end of the day, we loaded up the bikes and drank some "recovery" drinks. My only regret is not riding more of the Kona bikes to compare them against the bike test I did a month ago.

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