Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Casner Dirty Century

This Saturday, May 15, the Casner Dirty Century group ride will be starting in Flagstaff. The past two years, this has been a race with ~5 riders in attendance. I decided to make it into a ride in order to increase the amount of participation. The weather seems to be cooperating, highs in the 70s for Sedona.

The views are amazing as you descend from Casner Mountain.

With nearly 11k of climbing, 100 miles, and about 30 miles of singletrack...

...I am guessing it will take about ~12-14 hours to finish. Anyone want to join us?

1 comment:

Bear said...

i'd LOVE to join you, but I just can't quite seem to make it to that side of the Mississippi. :P


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