Thursday, December 17, 2009


Riding out to find some new slickrock lines makes me giddy.

So giddy that at times, I forget to bring the essentials: pants and long-sleeves. What a noob.
Despite this small oversight, it was time to play connect the slickrock and cow singletrack...

and that we did. Through the cholla fields and cat claw onto many slickrock sections. Some pretty country, no?

Not sure if anyone has ridden out here, but all signs pointed to a "no." Max and I played for about 3 hours, searching and at times even building to help with a few lines.

Max filmed a nice video clip of me riding down a chute, only to fly into Max and the camera. Good stuff. I hope to edit it with some more video from today, since Ty and I area heading out to scout more in a few hours.

1 comment:

Ydna Semaj Retus said...

Looks gnarly,
Kinda glad we didn't follow you...


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