Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Coconino Loop Race Updates

No road is long with good company. ~Turkish Proverb

Chris Plesko had planned to come down to race the 350-mile version of the CLR. A recent accident seems to have forced him not only out of the race but off the bike for quite some time. I hope you heal up soon, "battling" it together would have been a ride to remember.

That changes a few things since I would be the only racer doing the 350-mile option. The edge of the Grand Canyon with a bike is sure tempting, peering into its abyss after riding more than 300 miles. Nonetheless, I still have some problems with my lungs (I was able to get a new inhaler this week from my doctor). That said, I might have to decide on route if I will be doing the 250 or 350-miler to see how the lungs perform. That also may leave you, the reader/bike enthusiast/family member, more interested in watching my SPOT as I near the I-40 crossing.

Either way, you can watch the race unfold here...

Race updates and discussion
My setup, same as the AZT 300 and Grand Loop Race
MTBcast that will have call-ins

Check back as the race begins at 730am, Friday, October 9th.

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