Friday, July 03, 2009

Lower and Upper Rock Creek

A bit different scenery on the bike this Check out the greenery in these pictures.

Kendall and I headed to northern California for some riding, hiking, and relaxing with her family. Enter the Rock Creek (upper and lower) outside of Bishop, CA.

The lower loop had some pretty good technical sections as the trail followed down the canyon next to the gushing creek, it periodically would meander to the other side.

Photo credit to Kendall

There was a good amount of climbing along the 20-mile route. Look closely for the singletrack in this picture.

Kendall headed back up the trail while I rode out to the bottom of the lower loop. The Leviathan is in shambles since I stole the reba fork for the SS. The idea of buying a Milk Money might be turned to reality when I put a chain tensioner on the Leviathan when I get back early August.

We rode back up the singletrack instead of taking the road up and around to do the 'classic' loop. Different views while riding back up the singletrack route.

Towards the end of the ride we rested and played.

Found some shade and rehydrated, by pumping some water for the last few miles.

Photo credit to Kendall

and finished up the ride up. I would describe the entire ride as intermediate, although a few rock obstacles were pretty technical. This one is not really of that, but Kendall did a great job capturing the moment.

Great first ride Pocket.


ScottM said...

Nice shots and good singletrack.

The poor Lev, left lame and neglected. New Reba's aren't that 'spensive you know!

chollaball said...

nice. hope to get back to that some time on the way back from Reno. also really like the new look on your site.

Chad said...

Thanks J, I wanted to have some bigger picture formats, similar to what Scott and Mike are doing on their blogs.


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