Monday, March 23, 2009

Black Canyon Trail Revisted

Black Canyon Trail during AZSF 08 Version with Dave Chenault

The 5th and final day of riding for the Arizona Spring Fling went down in several locations across the valley, the farthest north being the Black Canyon Trail system.

Total car count for the (trailhead courtesy of Noel) was 47, approximate number of riders was probably 60-70 people with 7 different groups. Each group had less than 10 riders.

I had just one other person interested in another A ride, Thad. I had advertised only B and C rides, but he insisted on doing some hammering. He and I rolled out for the Full Meal Deal after forming the other groups.

BCT is the newest gem in Arizona, if you have not taken the time to ride it, you need to. The trails are superb.

Where's waldo? It is actually Tommy in the foto, who joined us mid-way through the ride. A 10-time Leadville finisher, he managed to hang with us for most of the ride. Very strong rider in his 60s.

No holdups this year since we had so many volunteers. Just a good ride with tons of fun climbing, perfect for the singlespeed.

And that wraps up the AZSF09.... a tremendous job done by all the volunteers. We had a few international visitors and tons from neighboring states. Check back later in Fall of this year for the 2010 date.

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