Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On the way to work today, I started thinking about the different places I can stop on my way to work. From Starbucks to Coco's (which is probably the worst thing to ride by since it always smells of sausage, bacon, and eggs). In 7 miles I see the following:

4 coffee shops, 3 Starbucks and 1 It's a Grind
2 bagel shops, Bruegar's and Einstein's
Only 5 gas stations during the 7 mile commute
17 places to ditch the ride and jump on the Sun Tran bus to get to work
1 bike shop
Also, my commute ends and begins near a Circle K

On a related subject, looks like the amount of people in cars will only increase as gas continues to go down in price. Onto racing, I read this article in the NY Times about marathon organizers and their desire to attract even more racers. Seems a bit silly. I will never do another road marathon, let alone run with that many people. That said, now I have to start thinking if I will ever return to the running scene. This would be a great race to do.

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chollaball said...

good article, got me thinking about my next car purchase. it might actually be a bigger truck than i need, cause they are cheaper than small trucks and i would drive it so little cause my habits have changed, the gas for one year would only be like $200 more. the reverse reverse effect!


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