Thursday, August 07, 2008

Grassroots racing at its finest

I have been quiet on blog for the past week. The new high school Spanish teaching job and Performance Bicycles job are taking up some of my computer time (although my biking seems to only have moved to commuting and late night rides). I have a passion for both bicycles and education, hence the two new jobs. Now, I just need to somehow incorporate the two by having a cyclist club at my school. I will continue to work at PB 1-2 days a week during the school year and more during Christmas vacation.

I'll be headed up to Flagstaff this weekend to race the Crazy 88 race. The plan is to meet up with Chris Gardner in Phoenix and continue on to the house of the most hospitable couple in Flagstaff, Troy and Dara. BBQ and Beer to follow! I hope to do the 84-mile, 10,000 feet of climbing race in around 9-10 hours (since Dave C and I did the first half in a little over 6 hours moving time a month ago). The plan is to pack light, race hard, and have fun. Here is a nice teaser from last month's pre-ride of the first 50 miles:

Now that I race for free, I often have to ask myself if I will ever go back to paying for an endurance race. I will continue to race the occasional 24 hour race, but I have to honestly say that I have found my niche of racing, grassroots, endurance racing with PEE, Crazy 88, KMC, and the Arizona Endurance Series. Who else will step up and host the next endurance race in AZ?


Wrenchette said...

I've downloaded the Rock y Road 50/50 maps. That's as far as I've gotten. The crazy thing is, I'm actually thinking about it now that I've done the road portion. I don't live far from Reddington, so I may check out the MTB portion and decide then. ;)

Chad said...

The mountain bike portion is brutal, especially going down Milagrosa (one of the hardest trails in AZ). It is one of the most rewarding races I have done. I hope you come out!

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