Sunday, November 01, 2015

Gila Coke Ovens Loop Day 1

The Gila River Ramble has slowly become a classic for bikepackers in the southwest during fall, winter and spring. This popularity might stem from its ease (AZ Trail and roads are very, very rideable), perhaps it could also be from the options (Martinez, Box, Area 52, Ripsey, White Canyon, etc.). Whatever the reason, it is an incredible place that I try to visit frequently.

Max, Nancy, Jeff and I rode out late Friday night to explore some new routes in the area, offering even more options for anyone that wants to ride in this area.

Of course, Max is still messing with his gear when we leave.

First HAB in the first 30 minutes!

Area 52

We got to our camping spot at the base of Area 52 with quite an assortment of fine foods and beverages. We opted to camp near (not on) Area 52 because of the camp fire that we wanted that evening. We chatted for several hours under a beautiful moonlit background of Area 52.

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